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Palworld Recover Your Save

There are multiple workarounds that can be attempted to recover a Palworld save.

Workaround #1

Step 1: Have one player join the server (BUT DO NOT CREATE A NEW CHARACTER), simply just stay in the new character creation menu.

Step 2: Now Stop the server.

Step 3: Wait 10-15 minutes.

Step 4: Start the server.

Step 5: After that, your character’s progress should be back, and you can continue playing.

Workaround #2

Step 1: Navigate to your Palworld Server Files through the Game Bros Panel

Step 2: Once there, navigate to the following directory:

Pal/Saved/SaveGames/0/<bunch of numbers and capital letters>/

Once in this directory, press the three dots on the far right and then press “Compress”

Step 3: Once compressed, proceed to download this compressed file and store it in a secure location. This is your player data and will be needed in case something goes wrong.

Step 4: Launch Palworld Game Client, connect to the server and create a new character.

Step 5: Once created and spawned in, exit the game client.

Step 6: Stop the server and give it 5 minutes to ensure no hung processes are still running.

Step 7: Navigate back to your server files through the Game Bros Panel and into the previously detailed directory, then navigate to “Players”

Step 8: You must now identify the file that is associated with the character you just created, the easiest way to do this is to look at the last modified time of the files - the one with the earliest modified time is your save.

Step 9: Copy the name of the file that represents the character you just created.

Step 10: Once you have the name of your character, you will want to find the file name of your old save file (via the file that you had compressed earlier), once you have this name, you will want to replace the name of the old save with the name of the new save.

Step 11: With this updated save file - you will want to delete the new save file on your server, and upload the updated save file to your server. If you’re unsure how to do this, follow the guide here

Step 12: Re-launch your Palworld server and load in.

Step 13: Confirm that you have successfully recovered your player data by checking your account on Palworld.

What’s next?

We will continue to build new workarounds as the community suggests them. It’s important to remember these changes are not verified and should only be used if you have no other choice. We are open to feedback and collaboration on these workarounds.