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Killing Floor 2 Setup Web Admin

Killing Floor 2 servers come with a Web Admin panel that you can use to control various functions of your KF2 server such as player management and settings. In this guide we will show you how to enable and access the panel.

Enable Web Admin

  1. Access the Game Host Bros Panel.
  2. Click Configuration > Startup Parameters.
  3. Look for Enable WebAdmin and set it to true.
  4. Change your Admin Password to something unique.
  5. Go back to the console page, then restart your server.

Accessing Web Admin

  1. Copy the IP address and port for your server (the one you use to connect to the server with)
  2. Open your web browser and paste it into the address bar.
  3. Replace the port with the Web Admin Port in Configuration > Startup Parameters. (if your IP is your Web Admin Address will be for example)
  4. Login with the username admin and your Admin Password you have set above.