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How To Upload Your Existing Enshrouded Server Save

In this tutorial, we will guide you through the process of uploading an existing world and player save file to your Enshrouded dedicated server.

You may also refer to this guide on how to upload files to your game server.

If you get stuck at any time, Game Host Bros offers free world transfers. Just reach out to a bro on Discord

Backing Up Your Local Enshrouded Save File

  1. Open your Steam games library, right click Enshrouded and select Manage > Browse Local Files.
  2. Navigate to userdata > (Your SteamID) > 1203620 > Remote.
  3. Copy the most recent file to a safe location.

Upload Your Enshrouded Save To Your Server

  1. Login to the Game Host Bros Game Panel and stop your Enshrouded server.
  2. In the Game Host Bros panel go to Management > File Manager.
  3. Once there navigate to the savegame folder.
  4. Delete the existing save files.
  5. Upload your local save files. (Ensure the local save has been renamed to 3ad85aea on the server if it’s something different)
  6. Start your Enshrouded server.