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How To Use RCON On Soulmask

This guide provides step-by-step instructions on how to set up and manage your Soulmask server using RCON. This is a fairly new feature and is also sometimes referred to as TELNET in the Soulmask community.

RCON Commands

helpShows all the current RCON commands.
quit/close/shutdown secondsAfter the number of seconds specified by the parameter, save and exit the game world.
saveworldOnly save world archive without exiting.
backup new_database_nameBack up the world archive to a database file with the specified name.
backuphourBack up the world archive and name it with the current date and time (UTC), for example: YYYYmmddHH.db
dppExport the basic information of all accounts (account, role, union, level, total online time, creation time, etc.) to Saved/ALL_PLAYER_INFO.txt.
setpm flagSet the server login permission management switch (similar to the chmod command, 0 means turning off all permissions, 15 means turning on all permissions:
serverfpsDisplays the average frame rate of the server over a short period of time.
QueryInvitationCodeDisplays the server’s Invitation Code.