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Quake Live Install Plugins

In this guide you will learn how to install plugins on your Quake Live server using MinQLX.

Installing MinQLX

MinQLX is the framework that allows plugins to interface with Quake Live. By default, we have MinQLX installed on every instance. It simply needs to be toggled on.

  1. Load the Game Host Bros Panel.
  2. Select your server.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Configuration > Startup Parameters.
  4. Look for MinQLX and toggle it on.
  5. Restart your Quake Live server.

You can toggle this off at any time if you need to revert back to the Vanilla QL version for any reason.

Installing Plugins

We have some CounterStrikeSharp plugins already added to our 1-click Mod Manager.

  1. Load the Game Host Bros Panel.
  2. Select your server.
  3. In the left-hand menu, click Management > File Manager.
  4. Open the minqlx-plugins folder.
  5. Drag your plugin .py file inside.
  6. In the left-hand menu, click Configuration > Startup Parameters.
  7. Look for MinQLX Plugins and add your plugin name to the end of the list.
  8. Restart your server.

Please make sure to follow the instructions for each plugin as some need extra dependencies added to minqlx-plugins/requirements.txt. This file is checked every time your server is started with the MinQLX mod enabled.

Quake Live Plugins List

Below is a list of all the current Quake Live plugins you can manually install on your server.

There are some other resources you can get plugins from here:

afkDetect AFK people and place them in spectator (after a warning).iouonegirl
aliasesDisplay a list of names a player has played under on the current server.tjone270
auto_rebalanceExtension to the balance plugin that automatically rebalances two new joiners for better team averages, and invokes !teams at round end if one team is currently dominatingShiN0
autoreadyautomatically ready up the game after a configurable time has passed with some centerprinted announcement once a certain amount of minimum players on the server has been reached.ShiN0
autorestartAutomatically restart a server at a certain time if no-one’s connected.tjone270
autospecDetects uneven teams and places person who joined last in spec.iouonegirl
banvoteBan players from votingkanzo
bot_antispecfixes bug with bot_minplayers and teamsizes lower than player limit that causes bots to spec (kicks them)roast
botmanagerUseful bot management plugin, including bot map support checking, automatic evening of teams by adding a bot, bot add/remove commands/votes etc.tjone270
brandingBrands your server with custom text at map loading screen/scoreboard.tjone270
centerprintBroadcast important messages on player’s screens. Toggle a ‘last enemy standing’ message.iouonegirl
changemapChanges the map when no-one’s connected to the server.tjone270
checkplayersList all players with permission>=1, banned, leaver-banned, leaver-warned, and silenced players. Based on x0rnn’s checkplayers but completely rewritten to use scan_iter and output as a table. Also fixes player disconnect on large output, irc flooding and other issues.kanzo
coinpriceCheck bitcoin/ethereum/litecoin price (!btc, !eth, !ltc or !bitcoin, !ethereum, !litecoin).x0rnn
commandsLists minqlx commands available on the server.BarelyMiSSeD
commlinkProvides an inter-server communication system for a group of servers.tjone270
crash!crash for random crash noob intro sounds :D roast
custom_votesAdds extra vote functionality to your servers.tjone270
custom_modes_voteAdds extra game modes like PQL to your servers.ShiN0
disable_commandsDisable commands and display a message when a disabled command is run.tjone270
disable_votesDisable votes during a match.iouonegirl
discordbotOutput game stats, connect links to your Discord server. Can also optionally send game chat to Discord.roast
dukeDuke Nukem sound triggers!roast
dynamicipUpdates server ip in qlstats admin panel before game starts. Useful for servers with dynamic ip address.eugene
elocheckChecks the elos of a player against qlstats and lists their a- and b-elos respectively as well as looking for other connections form the same IPsShiN0
englishEnglish motherf*cker, do you speak it? (also added “Denied!” from Q3 and stfu.wav)x0rnn
fastvotesSpeeds up vote pass/fail with various options, i.e. based upon a difference threshold between the pass or fail.ShiN0
frag_statsStatistics of reaped soulz and reaper of your soulz per map as well as overallShiN0
funlimitAutomatically disables fun(.py) sounds during a match/rounds.iouonegirl
funstuffvarious fun vote functions - includes slaphappy, hulk, gay, rename, purgatory and killroast
gauntonlyIf a CA round goes to 1vX, gauntlet-only mode is activated.iouonegirl
gravityfixerrestores gravity to normal after maps with custom gravityroast
gungamescustom voting triggers for gungames factoriesroast
handicapAdds auto handicaping of high level players to the server. Useful if you want to open up the server to everyone without getting destroyed.BarelyMiSSeD
intermissionLoops over a list of music, playing one every match end.iouonegirl
intermissionplusAllow players to set custom victory songs (in addition to normal intermission functionality).roast
ipsDisplay a list of IP addresses a player has connected with on the current server.tjone270
kamikaze_clanarenaEnables kamikaze in clan arena gametype. See detailseugene
killingspreeUnreal Tournament announcements for 5/10/15/20/25/30 kills in a row and multi(3)/mega(4)/ultra(5)/monster(6)/ludicrous(7)/holyshit(8) kills done in 3/4 second intervalsx0rnn
listmapsAllows players to see a list of maps available on the server.BarelyMiSSeD
map_configLoads config file depending on running mapeugene
mapooallows multiple mappool files that change automatically based on player numberroast
midairRanks rocket midair kills, “Holy shit” announcer on every midair frag that meets criteria.x0rnn
midair_onlyAs above, but changes the gameplay into a rockets-only mode where only midair rockets can kill.x0rnn
motdA replacement motd plugin that allows multiple motd/welcome sounds.roast
mybalanceAdds ELO/GLICKO-restrictions and spec/slay options for uneven teams. Now works for all gametypes! Shows Ready-up reminders! Autoshuffle + balance option.iouonegirl
mybanAllows you to ban players by name.iouonegirl
mydiscordbotDiscord integration that allows you to chat between discord and quake live players, with custom extensions supported.ShiN0
myessentialsAllows to use names in commands like !kick, !red, !spec, …iouonegirl
myFunPlay sounds from soundpacks on your server. Replaces with more features and sounds (can enable/disable chosen soundpacks).BarelyMiSSeD
nextmapAnnounce nextmap and fix nextmap repeats.roast
nospecPrevent’s people with no permissions from spectating while the match is running.admafi
onjoinDisplays a saved message from a player when they connect to a server.tjone270
permabanPermanently bans players thoroughly, cross-referencing Steam IDs over IPs.tjone270
player_infoDisplays info about players (optional upon connect). Show stats of people ‘below’ the scoreboard in large matches. Warn/ban players with deactivated qlstats accounts.iouonegirl
protectProtect players from being callvote kicked from the server and more.BarelyMiSSeD
pummelAdds a Player vs Player tally of successful gauntlet frags.mattiZed
q3resolverAllows players to /cv map q3dm6/other Q3 map names, and resolves them to QL map names.tjone270
qlstats_privacy_policyenforces players have set qlstats privacy policy settings before they are able to play.ShiN0
queue2.0 version adds a duel like queue-system to your servers.Melodeiro
quietPrevents players from using /say, /say_team or /tell during matches.tjone270
ragespec!ragespec to…ragespec!roast
railablePossibility to show a customizable message on your screen when your health drops below railable.iouonegirl
ratinglimiterPrevents players with glicko above/below set limits from playing on the server.tjone270
refereeGives referee status to somebody with the password, or one that has been voted referee.x0rnn
scoresShows player/team info such as kills, deaths, damage given, damage received, elos, average team elo, etc. See:
serversAdds !servers command which shows status of servers.kanzo
setsAllows players to play some uninterupted duel sets (Bo3, Bo5, …). Also informs connecting players a set is active.iouonegirl
spec999!spec999, move players with 999 ping to spectator mode.x0rnn
specprotectProtect spectators from receiving a kick callvote.iouonegirl
specs!specs: list players spectating you; !specwho x: show who x is spectating; !specall: show who every spectator is spectating.x0rnn
statsShow some simple kill stats: kills, deaths, k/d ratio, kills per minute.x0rnn
sv_fpsAllows you to set the game server frame-rate safely.tjone270
thirtysecwarnIssues a 30 second warning sound 30 seconds before round end, configurable for different voice styles.ShiN0
titlerankGives a player a title rank and is welcomed as such when the player joins the server.x0rnn
translateTranslate words and sentences to other languages! Translate the last things someone said! Also looks up urban definitions.iouonegirl
ttsPrimitive TTS (text-to-speech) system based on arpabet (
uberstatsvarious stats/awards given during and end gameroast
uneventeamsPunishes the player with the least amount of playtime on the bigger team. Works for all gametypes. For non-round based gametypes use with the plugin.mattiZed
urltitlePrints the title of a website/youtube link, etc. posted in chat.x0rnn
voteAdds some more callvotes, such as PQL/VQL, LG damage 6/7, etc. Tailored more for duel.x0rnn
votemanagerAllow minqlx perm3 players to force a vote with a second press of F1/F2.tjone270
votestatsRemoves voter anonymity and displays useful map-changing messages for those who missed the vote.tjone270
warnWarn a player for misbehaving. X strikes and you’re out (banned)!x0rnn
weaponspawnfixeroverride map-forced weapon spawn timesroast
weatherCheck weather and forecast in-game!roast
winneranthemPlays anthem for winner’s country at end of match!roast