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Q3 FastDL

Quake 3 Arena by default doesn’t let players download from your server, but at Game Host Bros, we have your server set to sv_allowDownload 1. This means that any player can join and download maps.

When you have lots of custom maps, there are 2 ways that players can download content from your server:

  • Default download: This uses the server as the map host, easier but slower.
  • FastDL: This uploads the maps to a web server, slightly harder but much faster.

This guide assumes you have already uploaded custom maps to your server.

How To Sync Your FastDL

  1. Go to the Game Host Bros Panel.
  2. Select your server.
  3. On the left-hand side, go to Tools > FastDL.
  4. Click Sync FastDL.
  5. Copy the address to your FastDL it looks something like this:
  6. Open your server.cfg, located in baseq3/server.cfg.
  7. Add sv_dlUrl "" into your server.cfg (Replace the URL with your unique FastDL url)
  8. Restart your server.