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Beginners Guide

In this guide I’ll show you the basics of running your new Game Host Bros server. Think of this as a crash course into game server hosting.

If you don’t have a server with us yet, click here and get one now.

The Game Panel

After you sign up and pay for your Game Host Bros server, you will be sent an email that asks you to sign in to our Game Panel. Once you click the link in the email, it will bring you to an overview of all the servers you have with us. Screenshot of the Game Host Bros Game Panel

Starting & Stopping Your Server

Once you’re in the game panel, you can simply click the server you want to manage, and you will be brought to the server Console. This is where you can Start,Stop, Restart your server and type commands. Game Host Bros Console

Edit Server Settings

In the sidebar click Configuration > Startup Parameters

This is where you will edit most of the basic settings for your server such as the servers public name, maximum players, setting a password and changing game modes. After any change is made here, you will need to restart the server.

Some games also don’t have settings in our panel but rely on config files. We have guides on these configs under each game section.

Game Host Bros Server Settings

Connect To Your Server

To connect your server, you will need the IP address. We display this at the top left of every page. Simply click on it to copy. How you connect using the IP address is different for each game, but we include a “Connect to Your Server” guide for each game in the sidebar here. Game Host Bros IP Address

Congratulations 🎉 you’ve finished the beginners guide crash course! See it wasn’t that hard. Now check out the other guides we have here to find out how to do other things like adding other users to your server, game specific guides and more.

Remember, the bros always have your back so come and join our Discord and let’s get your server set up the way you want it.