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How To Add Admins To Your Soulmask Server

Here is how to add admins to your Soulmask server.

Setting An Admin Password

  1. Access the Game Host Bros Panel and open your Soulmask server.
  2. Click Configuration > Startup Parameters.
  3. Look for Admin Password and then type the password you want.
  4. Go back to the console page, then restart your server.

Make Yourself Admin in Soulmask

  1. Open Soulmask and connect to your server.
  2. Once connected open press ~ tilde on your keyboard.
  3. Type gm key YOUR-ADMIN-PASSWORD. It should now load the admin menu.
  4. In the window, type the password again and click Become the admin. Now you have access to all the settings of the server.

List of Soulmask Admin Commands (GM Commands)

Here is a list of the Soulmask admin commands. Once you’ve made yourself an admin, simply press ~ and enter your desired command.

Command NameCommand Code
Open GM Panelgm key [password]
Add Experiencegm AddExp [value]
Add Mask Experiencegm Addmjexp [value]
Add Hunting Experiencegm Addshoulieexp [value]
Increase Hunting Experiencegm AddShouLieExp [value]
Reset Pointsgm XiDian
Suicidegm ZiSha 1
Revivegm FuHuo
Delete Accountgm shanhao
View Own LocationGPS
Quick Recruit NPC (Aim at Target)gm ZhaoMu
Teleportgm Go [position_x] [position_y] [position_z]
Clear All NPCsgm ClearAllNpc
Remove Selected Targetgm ClearSelect
Refresh Vegetation within Rangegm ShuaXinZhiBei
Show Own Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.)gm ShowInfo 1
Show Character Information (Quality, Skill Levels, Talents, etc.)gm ShowInfo 0
Invisibilitygm SetAttr YinShen 1
Disable Invisibilitygm SetAttr YinShen 0
Repair Mask Nodesgm JSMJ
Unlock All Map Informationgm ShowMap
Unlock All Tech Tree Nodesgm KeJiShu
Display Barbarian Invasion Heat Information Chartgm ShowReDu
Clear All Barbarian Invasion Heatgm ClearAllReDu
Increase Barbarian Invasion Heat at Current Locationgm AddReDu [value]
Reset Tutorial Missionsgm ChongZhiRenWu
View Server Status InformationDebuginfo 1
Close Server Status InformationDebuginfo 0