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Palworld Automatic Backups

At Game Host Bros, we automatically take a backup snapshot of your Palworld save files before the server starts and every hour the server is live. This means if there is a failed update or a bug you’re able to restore previous time. In total 24 backups are taken giving you up to 24 hours of previous data if something goes wrong. After 24 hours the oldest files are deleted and replaced with newer files.

How to Access the Automatic Palworld Backups

  1. Firstly, login to the GameHostBros Panel and once there, select your Palworld Service
  2. On the left, navigate to Management then File Manager.
  3. Look for the folder Autobackups

Restoring From Automatic Backups

This is how you can restore from an existing automatic backup.

  1. Download the backup you want to restore from the Autobackups folder and extract the downloaded file.
  2. Login to the Game Host Bros Game Panel and stop your Palworld server.
  3. In the Game Host Bros panel go to Managment > File Manager
  4. Once there navigate to PAL/Save/Savegame/0
  5. You will see a folder with a random number like 723687123871537817253, you need to copy your existing world data into that folder.

If you have lots of player files, you may want to upload the files using SFTP